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The N.Y. Cadre

Caesar, fists in air, yelling "BROOKLYN, baby!!! What?! What?!"  Riley in background muttering "Punk."—from BOONDOCKS by Aaron McGruder, circa 2000; copyright by the artist
is an unassuming, semi-detached, stucco-faced
("You can even get stucco. Oh, how you can get stucko!"—Groucho)
frame house on a fairly quiet street in Brooklyn
[longitude 73.938° W, latitude 40.629° N]
where reside MARC S. GLASSER, DONNA L. CAMP,
and [occasionally] their son ETHAN GLASSER-CAMP.
At various times it has also been the residence of assorted felines
(all sadly departed now),
including ERIS, MYSTI, and most recently, HEIFER (a/k/a MooFace).

You may contact any of the humans telephonically at (718) NY-CADRE
[(718) 692-2373 for all-digit dialers],
by postal mail at 1088 East 40th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11210,
or via the Internet at

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Yes, those pictures up there are about 25 years old, but we like them.
Here's a more recent (July 2022) picture of the crew:
Ashley, Ethan, Donna, and Marc at Ashley and Marc's birthday dinner
[Standing: Ashley, Ethan; sitting: Donna, Marc]


(Last updated: 10 July 2022)

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Donna has reached her Diamond Jubilee, having been on this planet three-quarters of a century. Congratulations!
After a brief stay at Brooklyn Methodist in July 2019,
she's once more up to thirty-six hospital-free months.
Assorted outpatient visits continue, though,
and much dental work remains to be completed.
The fun never ends!

Ethan is between jobs at the moment, having parted company with Teachable in the spring of 2022.
He and the lovely Ashley are living in his co-op apartment on Ocean Parkway,
about two miles from the Cadre, convenient enough for The Kid
to continue dropping by and kicking parental butt about decluttering.

His Peace Corps Volunteer blog is still there for the reading.
His 2007 project was shelved for lack of positive feedback,
but may still be downloaded and played with. Perhaps some day the world will yet be ready...
His résumé also remains available.

Marc officially retired in 2020 when his freelance assignment proofreading and copyediting
at a large midtown financial asset management corporation ended with the company's move to Nashville.
His side gigs as an editor and proofreader continue,
amounting to the equivalent of about a month and a half of full-time work a year.
He became a septuagenarian in May 2022.
Since he's now a Grumpy Old Man, you'd best get off his lawn, and
whatever you do, don't phone before noon on weekends!
Just for old time's sake, here's his résumé.

The final paper collation of APA-NYU was held on April Fools' Day 2004.
The first monthly "collation" of the apa's new electronic incarnation was issued on 5 May 2004.
198 more have followed it so far.
If you missed them, e-mail Marc and ask about getting copies,
and then visit <> to join the e-list (search for the group "apa-nyu").

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Girl: "Where does one get a cadre these days?" Boy: "There are stores.  Downtown.  In the cadre district."—from GOATS by Jonathan Rosenberg; copyright (c)2005 by the artist * cadre (kàd´rê, kä´drâ) noun:
1. A nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained:
a cadre of sergeants and corporals who train recruits.
2 a. A tightly knit group of zealots who are active in advancing the interests of a revolutionary party.
   b. A member of such a group.
3. A framework.

—from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
Third Edition ©1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
All rights reserved.