On Broadband - by Marc S. Glasser and Deb Wunder
On Broadband

--by Marc S. Glasser (a/k/a Beyond the Fringefan) and Deb Wunder
Copyright ©2002 byMarc S. Glasser and Deb Wunder
To "On Broadway" (Mann-Weil-Lieber-Stoller)

(Wunder) They say the cable speed is fast on broadband (on broadband)
They say I can hook up at any time
But every time I log on chat
The server boots my ass out flat
And all my messages come through in MIME.

(Glasser) They say you're always on the 'Net on broadband;
Of lost connections there's not any risk,
But if you never disconnect,
A million viruses infect,
And hackers beat a path right to your disk.

(Glasser) They say that I won't last too long on broadband,
I'll go on back and be a dialin' fool.
But I know how to get things done:
I'm signing up to get T-1.
Now I can really have some fun, on broadband.

I may go broke, but my speed will stun, on broadband.

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