Becoming - May 2002

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Having now had my right shoulder replaced, I am halfway through Becoming "Bionic."  (I am sick to death of that joke -- well, maybe not to death.)  I was recovering nicely from the surgery until two weeks ago when I started walking with crutches again.  It seems to have put excessive strain on my arms, because, since then,  there has been a marked increase in pain, making prolonged interaction with a keyboard unpleasant.  The physical therapists agree, and have suggested that I go back to using a walker.  Meantime, Gary is typing this for me to e-mail to Lucy.  Maybe he'll add some comments of his own *grin*.  [Looks like I washed out this time; sorry, ladies.  -- er, womyn, er, ah, I'll shuddup now. GcT]

I probably could have gotten him to type a zine, but I've misplaced my last disty so I don't know what to say to y'all, and I really didn't want to spend another zine whining about my health.

Marc has pretty much decided to take the package the bank is offering for retirement at the end of the year.  He's begun brushing up his resume' and computer skills.  To that end we now have a web page:

The schools that have accepted Ethan have been eagerly wooing him with all kinds of scholarship offers. He is following his father's footsteps, from Stuyvesant to RPI [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute].  RPI requires students to have a laptop -- and they are even willing to give him one!

And he has finally found a tux to wear to his prom -- a shiny silver one.

Both Marc and Gary have developed back problems -- partly from taking care of me.  Gary uses my crutches when I'm not.  Ethan, watching Gary bring me a package of incontinence shields which I was gingerly able to take with my right arm, observes that we are the blind leading the blind.

Lucy asked me to send a paragraph to her so she could let people know what was happening with me.  Sneaky lady!  She probably knew once I started writing something I'd come up with more than that.  I guess it's half a zine, anyhow.

DLC/gct [378 words, according to Microsoft (spit spit) Word (ptui ptui)], May 2002.

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